Hardwood Flooring is Green in San Diego

February 20th, 2011

Bamboo kitchen floor ~ finally!

Kerry found the absolute best person for the job, worthy of his own Green Box blog post: Chuck Nettnin, owner/operator of TopFlooring.com (858) 354-3142.  For San Diego, he is truly my new “go to” flooring person.  He finished today and I wanted to post photos.

Let’s be clear about something. My kitchen is small.  It’s called a galley kitchen for a reason: long and narrow, like a boat galley.  A lot gets done in there, believe me, but voluminous it’s not. But look at my new floors!

What I like about Chuck is his extreme efficiency, his care for the rest of my house, the way he took a quick break to haul away trash after demo, and how all the wood cutting mess disappeared.  He is very kind too.  Today when he was wrapping up, we got to talking about his business. He and his wife purchased a bus and converted it to a portable showroom.  It’s ‘green’ on so many levels. First, the showroom is always with him, saving unnecessary trips back to the store for more sample choices. It cuts out all retail rental rates and the need for a commercial space.  As an added bonus, it has sort of a party feel because he could bring this bus to  a building for example, and sell an entire office of people new flooring for their houses. That would be quite a party!  And fun.

So meet Chuck, and consider this an A+ recommendation.

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August 25th, 2010

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